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Tony Stewart voiced his aggravation with his driver Danica Patrick during the Bojangles’ Southern 500

Published on May 15th, 2013

Tony Stewart is a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver, champion, owner, business man and someone who never has a problem with speaking his mind. He showed this character trait of his during last week’s Bojangles’ Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway.

Darlington Raceway is easily one of the toughest tracks on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. There is a reason it has the nicknames of “The Lady in Black” and the “The Track Too Tough to Tame”. This past Saturday Danica Patrick was making her 2nd career start at Darlington Raceway and had a long night of keeping her car out of trouble to eventually finish in the 28th position.

Although her finishing position was pretty normal for a rookie running at “The Lady in Black”, how she was driving was a questionable to some. “Somebody go down and tell her how in the #### to run traffic here” shouted her boss, Tony Stewart, over the radio. Tony continued to voice his opinion on how she was racing the competition, “cannot run every mother ###### down all the way in the corner like that or she’s going to get her #### dumped”.

Tony Stewart, driver of the #14 and owner of Stewart Haas Racing, was voicing his opinion over the radio during Saturday’s Bojangles’ Southern 500. Tony who normally acts as a guide to young Danica was very upset with what he was seeing. He ended his radio rant by threatening to stop her himself, “If she doesn’t quit it I’ll do it”, referring to “dumping” her on the track.

After it was all said and done with at Darlington Raceway Danica Patrick finished the race without being “dumped” in 28th place and her owner Tony Stewart finished in 15th. There were no additional comments made by either driver and the aggravation seems to have left Tony as the whole Stewart Haas Racing organization heads to Charlotte for this weekend’s Sprint All-Star race.

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