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Tony Stewart saves sprint car driver Josh Higday’s life in accident

Published on August 7th, 2013

Since news of Tony Stewart’s accident surfaced Tuesday morning the 3-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion has received a lot of criticism for participating in sprint car racing, due to the risks, however one sprint car driver is thanking Smoke for saving his life.

During Monday night’s feature race at Southern Iowa Speedway Tony Stewart was leading the race when he plowed into the back of Josh Higday’s sprint car. This accident sent Tony Stewart to the hospital with a broken leg. The same accident could have been a lot worse if Tony didn’t make a last second decision, says Josh Higday via Twitter.

Josh Higday ‏@jhigday24
@tonystewart_rcg Im really sorry smoke got injured. Im very thankful he tryed to avoid my cockpit area he saved my life!! #trueracer

Josh Higday was referring to a last second decision made by Tony Stewart to turn his sprint car sideways in an attempt to avoid hitting Higday in his cockpit, which Josh believes would have killed him.

Josh Higday’s wife, Dawn, also made a comment on Twitter about the accident, thanking God that her husband survived the incident, which if it wasn’t for Tony Stewart’s split second decision could have ended a lot worse.

Dawn Higday ‏@DawnHigday
Just saw the video of the crash last night. I’m just going to thank God that I still have a husband and hope Tony recovers soon.

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