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Jennifer Jo Cobb claims Mike Harmon stole her transporter worth almost $300,000

Published on May 15th, 2013

Early Saturday morning Jennifer Jo Cobb reported a transporter was stolen from the JJC racing shop. Cobb told local authorities that the transporter was stolen by Mike Harmon (a fellow NASCAR driver) and Sheila Rae Rice. The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office issued warrants for their arrest and will be charging them with felony larceny and breaking and entering.

The transporter and its content is being estimated at under $300,000.

Mike Harmon spoke his side of the story on Twitter. “I want it known that I have never stolen so much as a piece of bubble gum in my life… …I did not take JJC hauler, there is no video of me anywhere near her shop. Today she was the windshield & I was the bug, but when we get in FEDERAL court in a couple wks there’s a boulder coming” tweeted Mike.

No news yet on if a transporter was recovered.

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